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Chocolate AngelChocolate Angel by Kyra Gates
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One of my favorite stories as Brandon Wells is my favorite leading male character from all of my books. I loved watching Brandon grow from the shy little brother of Christopher Wells (Is Your Heart Still Mine) to this sexy, young self assured successful CEO. His transformation was amazing and I loved telling his story.

With that said, honestly, i couldn't have done this without Lea Ellen Borg my editor who edited chocolate angel. This is the first book that I've had edited which made it so much more. Thank you.

I hope you all will enjoy Chocolate Angel as much as I did writing it. It is currently available on Smashwords. It will be available on Amazon after the holiday.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Give Away Give Away Give Away!

September 4-October 5, 2013
Hi everyone! I'm giving away free copies of my new book Chocolate Angel, one $50 gift card to Amazon, and two $10 gift cards to Amazon.  All I ask in return, is that you like and share the link to my page on your face book page or other social media.  Winners will be chosen beginning September 19, September 26, and October 5.  Two each day.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Chocolate Angel

Pre-Order Chocolate Angel TODAY!!!  Look further down the page click the drop down menu and pre-order.  Brandon's waiting for you.


Physical Copies of Serenity is currently sold out through me; however, it is still available through Amazon and Barnes and Nobles!  Happy Reading and thank you all for the support as Serenity was one of my favorite stories.  Chocolate Angel is coming hold tight.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Author of Steal My Heart and Strickly Business Interview at Hot and Sexy



Author Lisa Eugene

Thank you all so much for reading my books and for your support. It means so, so, much to me! I’m glad you all enjoyed the books and look forward to hearing from you in the future. Love, Lisa Eugene

From Nana
1. Tells us about yourself and what inspired your career in writing? Is this something that you went to school for? I read the first book and it was really good. I am just getting into the second book now.
ANSWER: Hi Nana! Thank you for reading! I’ve been a nurse for over twenty years and am still practicing. I’m married, three kids and I have a crazy life! Although I took some writing classes in college, I did not specifically go to school for writing. It’s just always been a passion of mine.

2. Are you a self published author and if so are you looking for an agent and perhaps to move into a big publishing company?
ANSWER: I am self-published. I am also looking for an agent and have been looking for a publishing company. I was also thinking of starting my own (Dakota Press) and have started the process. I wasn’t at first. I really like the freedom of being self-published, but the promoting part is extremely time consuming and expensive. With a full-time job and three kids it’s a lot to juggle.

From Kyra
1. When a story idea pops into your head, how long does it typically take to write it (from start to finish)?

ANSWER: Hi Kyra. Thanks for reading!! It’s funny but I usually come up with the idea for a book while I’m in the middle of writing a different book. I usually store the concept/idea until I’m done with the one I’m working on. (I can’t focus on more than one book at a time…lol. I don’t know how other authors do it! I will usually start the new book while my previous one is at my editor (I’m usually so nervous that I need to distract myself. My editor is usually the first person who reads my work and I wait on pins and needles to see what she thinks). From the time I start a book (first word) to the very end it usually takes about four months.

2. The first book is centered around a hospital, did you pull many of your own experiences into the book. I notice the same with Steal My Heart. I also find it easier to create an idea (well the details around an idea) when you can pull from your own experiences.

ANSWER: Absolutely! I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years and am still practicing so writing about the medical field comes naturally. I love nursing and definitely pull from my experiences.

3. What advice do you have for other aspiring authors?

ANSWER: If it has always been your dream to write, then just do it. You can start with short stories, novellas, poems…anything! The publishing world used to be very intimidating, but now there are so many publishing avenues available. Just do it!

4. How'd you build your fan base?
ANSWER: Good question! I don’t really know…lol. I am constantly reaching out to people. As a writer you pour your heart and soul into your work. I’m always open to questions and feedback. I give away a lot of books. I ask people to read it and give me honest feedback. So far the responses have been amazing and I’m thankful to my fans for spreading the word.

5. What made you decide to write?
ANSWER: I honestly think that for me it wasn’t a decision. It was a compulsion. I’ve always written poetry, short stories (although my family was the only one who read them..usually under It’s always been my dream to write a book, and one day I just started and didn’t stop until the book was done.

6. Are your two books considered part of a series? Really no.
ANSWER:They are stand alone books. They all center around the same hospital but do not need to be read consecutively.

From Patricia (Pitchblack)
1. Did any authors inspire you to start writing? Who are some of your favorite authors?

ANSWER: Hi Patricia! Thanks for reading! I love, love, love to read! And I love to read steamy romances…lol. I also love reading suspense novels (though I get frustrated because I’d like a little romance thrown in…lol)) My favorite authors are Pamela Clare, Mallory Monroe, Marsha Canham, Robert Ludlum, Robin Cook. There’re more, but these are at the top.

From Love
1. Do you outline your story line before you write a book?
ANSWER: Hi Love! Thanks for reading! No. I never work with an outline, just a general idea. I feel like I should have an outline, but it never works for me. Sometimes the story is as much of surprise to the reader as it was for me. I write and I say to myself (what should happen next?) I know it sounds strange but that’s how my crazy mind works. Sometimes I’m writing and I start screaming or get excited about something that happens in the book. My husband will walk in and look at me like I’m nuts. I say, “you won’t believe what just happen! That was crazy!” He’ll say ,“Didn’t you know it was gonna happen, you’re writing it?” It’s funny, but the story just flows for me. I can’t plan it out too much or it doesn’t work. I never know how a book will end. I just have a general theme.

2. How long does writing a book take?
From start to finish about four months.

From Johnny
I read your book and liked it a lot, both of them. Will you be writing more books? If so, when is the next book due? (This was already asked)
ANSWER: Hi Johnny, Thanks for reading! My next book is coming late Sep/early Oct.

From Elaine
What advise would you give to someone who wanted to start writing a book? (This was already asked)
Hi Elaine!! Thanks for reading.

From Antoinette
1. Do you find that while contemplating a book idea you have lots of what may feel like random information you come up with? If so, do you take the time to analyze the information?
ANSWER: Hi Antoinette, thanks for reading!! I am sometimes faced with different plot directions. When I come across a topic I don’t know, I stop and research it. That can take some time. I knew very little about Navy SEALs when I wrote Steal My Heart. I enjoyed the research and have developed tremendous respect and appreciation for them!

When creating your work do you find that you spend time going back over work and making minute changes?
ANSWER: Every day! I can never pick up where I left off. I have to reread at least the two chapters before so that I can immerse myself in the story, characters, etc before I continue to write…so, I’m constantly tweeking as I go along.

From Robin
Are your books self published? Wasn't sure if anyone asked that or not. Yes this question was already asked.
ANSWER: Hi Robin! Thank you for reading! Yes. My books are self-published.

From Sandy
1. Loved both your books!! Do you write anything besides medical romantic suspense?

ANSWER: Hi Sandy! Thank you for reading. So far it’s been only medical suspense. I’m very comfortable with the subject and I love suspense. I think I will try something else though in the future. Maybe, paranormal. I love that too. I’m from the Caribbean and would love to write some romance novels centered in the beautiful islands! I also love Kyra’s books and her characters and would like to write some interracial or novels featuring African-American characters.

On behalf of the Hot and Sexy Book Club we would like to thank Lisa for taking the time out to speak with us. We look forward to reading more of her books!    

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I love to read and write of course.  Every week I read at least three books.  What should I read?  I'm into erotic romance and paranormal romance.