Monday, June 11, 2018

Give Away Time

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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fallen Angel

Chanthany's story is complicated, so she's not ready to come out and tell her story.  But it will definitely be worth the read.  Be prepared to have your tissue ready for this one.  Through all her sacrifice, hurt, and pain will there be a happily ever after for her?  God know's she surely deserves it.

Coming January 2019

A Beautiful Storm Is Coming This Summer

Get ready for Book 2 in the Harris Family Values Series.  JaQuan Harris the fun loving, identical twin of Justin is ready to stake his claim on the only woman that has ever meant anything to him.

Juneteenth in Detroit!

I'll be there.  If you're in the area stop on my, pick up one of my books.  Bring the family out to enjoy the day at the event!

JUNETEENTH is a celebration honoring the day when Black Slaves were legally free in the United States. We INVITE you to join we gather with thoughtfulness, preparation, collective action, joyous express with books, arts, spoken word, dance, speech & delicious edibiles.
This is a Family Affair...Open to the Public. Come out and SHOP. EAT. PLAY. NETWORK. AND EDUCATE.
Stay connected....the 2nd Annual Juneteenth Author|Artists|Artisan Exhibitor 2018 Line-up to follow!!! Mark your calendar for Sat, June 16th!!! Be there...💕📚
 — at Detroit Book City.