Monday, June 11, 2018

Review the first few chapters of Because of You for a free book

Review the first few chapters from Because of You and earn a copy of All I Need Is Patience and Beautiful Storm!  All you need to do is review a snippet from an up and coming book and then I'll send you All I Need Is Patience for a Review and Then After That Beautiful Storm.  I only have a few books in stock so the first ten people will have a chance at free books.  Inbox me at

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Fallen Angel

Chanthany's story is complicated, so she's not ready to come out and tell her story.  But it will definitely be worth the read.  Be prepared to have your tissue ready for this one.  Through all her sacrifice, hurt, and pain will there be a happily ever after for her?  God know's she surely deserves it.

Coming January 2019

A Beautiful Storm

Book 2 in the Harris Family Values Series.  JaQuan Harris the fun loving, identical twin of Justin is ready to stake his claim on the only woman that has ever meant anything to him.